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Petroleum Safety Administrator (PSA) - Drilling & Servicing , IASP

The NASP/IASP Certification "Petroleum Safety Administrator" indicates a high level of proficiency and is one of the highest levels of certification offered by NASP/IASP. Petroleum Safety Administrator level is an indication of a level of proficiency expected of a safety professional who is capable of developing and managing a comprehensive facility wide or corporate safety program on a petroleum job site. The Petroleum Safety Administrator certification consists of seven modules. Each of these modules is a certification course that may stand alone or may be completed as a component of the PSA.

Occupational Safety and Health Advanced Diploma : Highlights Table
Course level NASP/IASP - USA Petroleum Safety Administrator (PSA) - Drilling & Servicing Certificate and Wallet Completion Card
Duration 120 Hours
Eligibility Recommend Minimum Standard of English
Suitable For All Safety Professionals (Supervisors, Officers and Inspectors).
Safety and Security Directors and Managers.
Project Engineers and all other engineering disciplines.
Operations and Maintenance Supervisors and Foremen.
Environmental Protection Personnel.
Training Mode Classroom, E-learning/Distance Education/Online

About IASP :(International Association of Safety Professionals) IASP provides training, consultative services, and third-party certifications that validate knowledge, skills and abilities in the area of workplace safety. The primary mission of IASP is to provide safety professionals with innovative training opportunities that exceed basic OSHA compliance as well as professional certifications to assist them in carrying out their safety-related functions with confidence and proven competence. The wide portfolio of OSHA programs offered by IASP equip professionals with industry grade knowledge on best practices of Occupational Safety.